Spice FM CEO Tasnim Islam


CEO - 96.4 Spice FM

Having grown up in countries between 2 continents, her versatility in music is unreal. Born and raised in Montreal, yet following her roots back to Bangladesh made her embrace the different musical cultures. Being in love with music her whole life, Tasnim modernized the radio Industry in Bangladesh by breaking free from the traditional radio platform, music and linguistic barriers. Tasnim pioneered digital radio in Bangladesh and was the first to establish an English based station. She was also the first to hire gays and transgenders to promote corporate equality amongst LGBTQ. In 2014, she joined the entertainment media and by 22 she became the country's youngest CEO of 96.4 Spice FM.

Her first radio appearance was by accident as a live show was starting without a host. She went on air on the spot as RJ Tazz, and delivered a show revolving around a controversial song “Kamor Dio Na”. The show went viral with over 1 million shares within hours, leading to her overnight success. Ever since her passion for music and radio has been growing.
Her Berlin experience is what led to her chemistry with dark techno.
Being fascinated by both the light and dark sides of the spectrum, she integrates her sets with white music and dark techno bringing a metaphorical experience to the listener. Her unique style delivers dark hypnotizing synths, coupled with pristine beats and percussive elements.
She graduated from London sound Academy and is attending Point Blank Music to further her passion in music entertainment/production. She is thrilled about her residency at Solaris Radio and looks forward to becoming a key team member.
In 2018, Tasnim was the first in Bangladesh to receive the Silver YouTube Button Award for radio.
In 2019, she was nominated for the best digital radio personality at the NEW YORK RADIO AWARDS which brought light to Bangladesh on the world map of Radio. 
Furthermore, she operates a charity foundation called Spice Cares, contributing in opening schools and setting up medical camps providing free medicine in the poorest areas in Bangladesh. 
Education Highlights
BA in Psychology in York University In Canada (year) 2014 
  • Silver YouTube button (2018)
  • NYFS 6 nominations
  • 1st digital radio station in Bangladesh
  • Best technically advanced FM station in south east Asia
  • 20+ million YouTube views
  • Received award for Best Digital Social Media Innovator & Social Activist from Bangladesh Social Innovation Summit 2019 (SDGAction)